Paris: Stereotypical, Sublime, Stunning

I am discovering Paris for the first time, and have all the enthusiasm, naivety and passion of a virgin.
And, much like a virgin, my knowledge of Paris, is imperfect. Much of what I will write about in this blog will be open to criticism.
Yet, once again, as any 27 year old virgin would be anxious to point out: while I embark on blogging about a city of which I am only losing my innocence to late in life, I am sincere, eager, and hungry to discover, write about and express as much as I can about the city.
Far from being an expert overview of the city, this blog is a simple collection os first and developing impressions of a newcomer to Paris.
Well, I think that is a convincing disclaimer to kick this blog off: a bit about me:
I moved to Paris at the beginning of September 2010, to take up graduate studies at one of the city’s great Universities.
Apart from studying hard, I had a clear ambition to blog about my experiences of Paris from the second I stepped foot here.
Needless to say, it didn’t quite unfold in such a way. After a month of procrastination, and adjustment to a new life rhythm, I feel sufficiently inspired to begin a blog.
And I must say that Paris in autumn gives a lot to be inspired by!
At the moment, autumn is making a gentle entrance. Summer weather seems to be in a playful tug of war with oncoming winter – with one day’s weather being vastly different from the next.
As this to and fro persists, the beautiful result are a gorgeous juxtaposition of summers lush green colours across the city and beautifully shaded autumn leaves.
Not to be outdone by their surroundings, Parisians shamelessly adorn neutral colours on lush fabrics in preparation of winter – through both the cold and not so cold days too! It’s an effortless elegance that looks stunning along with the summer/autumn/winter scenery across the city.
It’s stunningly gorgeous, Paris. So I guess the least I can do is maintain a blog in her honour 🙂 Never mind that I am a charlatan about Parisian history and it’s deeply textured, rich, heritage. This is an over ambitious attempt to write about an inspiring, stunning city that comfortably lives up to its many positive stereotypes of being a legendary beauty.