House for all books anglophile in Paris: Shakespeare and Company

For Anglophiles in Paris, Shakespeare and Company is a great place to browse through an impressive collection of books that cover subject matter as broad as philosophy on the one hand – to books on the murky science of witchcraft on the other. It’s a crammed but cosy cavernous little store with little nooks to sit and browse through potential purchases. However …if the truth be told, Shakespeare and Co. has the welcoming aura of a house and actually feels nothing like a shop. This is perhaps what makes it a great place to stop by or shop. The doors are almost always open thanks to business hours that are quite generous: The store opens until 11pm on the weekends for example.

There’s also a quaint, lovely little library on the second floor (pictured here) where you can enjoy the company of great works of English literature and such. That’s not all – not too far from the quaint library room are great kids books for budding little readers – and a room from which I think I heard something like a piano recital go on this past Saturday night.

It’s a great place to go to hunt for a good read and to see what’s new in English writing. Maybe it could also be a place to serve more psychological needs too – to help ease bouts of disorientation if you’re an English speaking ‘alien’ in Paris. For me, well, it’s a great place to simply enjoy the comfort and company brought only through generations of writing crammed along every inch of wall and in every single room, leaving just enough space to walk and perhaps sit and read. It’s a really fantastic little place that will instantly make you feel at home and is definitely worth a visit.

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