A taste of Southern France: Le Plomb du Cantal Restaurant!

Having a great dinner out is often a combination of several things – great company, location, time of the year – well whatever it is that drives personal choice.

And well, striking that balance is almost always tricky. Nonetheless, this blogger can testify to have had just the right mix of all factors that make for a good eating out experience at ‘le plomb du cantal’ – a restaurant at 3 Rue de la Gaite, in 75014.

The menu is a selection of traditional food from the Auvergne region – hearty, traditional French cuisine. Everything from sauteed potatoes served with veggies to large portions of salad to geneorus ommelettes -it’s a fantastic place to eat out particularly as winter approaches. The restaurant’s “aligot’ deserves special mention. Several of the dishes are served with this puree of potatoes that is melded with grated cheese to produce an exquisite, unique, indescribably good side dish to the restaurants predominantly meat based selection of main courses. Aligot is a must have at this venue!

The restaurant is always packed, giving it a dynamic, energetic vibe. Conversely, that also means that getting a seat immediately is not a given. It’s a popular eating spot, reservations are not possible so waiting for a while is part of the experience. Once seated, however, the service is great, the food even more so, and the atmosphere is charged with a buzz that makes the place a great place go out in larg(er) groups.

Adding to the highly satisfactory selection of food and the excellent service – is the restaurant’s warm, welcoming furnishing all made in deep, rich warm, inviting colours. Couches comfortable enough to eat on, wooden chairs, it’s a cosy place to huffle up, eat a hearty meal and have agood night out. All of this is contained within varnished wooden walls that lend the place a distinct mountain house feel – well, given that the restaurant is the namesake of one of the tallest mountains in the Cantal mountain range in South West France, the alpine feel and look of the place is clearly not intentional.

The price range is between 15 Euro and about 30 for a main course – so this could be steep for those on a student budget. But, for the fully human – it’s reasonable, and the generous portions definitely make the pricing worth it.

it’s nine hours after the meal and I won’t be eating for a few more hours – that’s just how deliciously hearty the meals are! it’s worth it to get a taste of South West France right here in Paris!