Doctoral Studies in France? How France measures up to the States

For students who have gone through English medium universities, the choice to study in France is often not an obvious one. he English speaking world has several great options for the young academics to choose from – while the linguistic barrier of studying in France only serves to be discouraging for the would-be students fromAnglophone would-be students.
In recent years, however, the French system has become somewhat more international, English programmes are increasingly available at several top French universities. Furthermore, Paris as a city to study in has become more open to English speakers, making settling into Paris manageable. Given thar French institutions and the city are definitely more open and cosmopolitan and friendly to foreigners here to study – there is a definite case to be made for picking out Paris as a study destination option.
The question that still remains is whether France is the best place to begin and build an academic career for graduate students intending to pursue careers in research and academia. A recent news article seems to suggest that “the French labour market does not place value on PhD theses” and that the US in particular issignificantly more open to research-oriented students.

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