After moving to Paris, one of the things that this blogger missed was a certain chain of unique “Pizza/Pasta Bars”, Vapiano. The concept behind Vapiano is accessibly chic – an effortlessly sophisticated place to go out that still manages to pull of being accessible and humble.

Vapiano itself desribes itself perfectly as “an innovative European concept serving made-to-order fire roasted pizzas, fresh, house-made pasta and hand tossed gourmet salads. An established concept with more than 30 worldwide locations and another 100 in development in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, Vapiano puts a new spin on the dining experience with its urban upscale Italian decor and its modern customer service.”

The great news is that the first pizza/pasta bar is now open in Paris! Well, technically in an up scale suburb of Paris at 2 Place du Dôme, 92800 Puteaux – which is in the big commercial centre for that part of Paris, the Centre Commercial des Quartre Temp.

The ambience and experience of going out to Vapiano – and the food border on the very best that you find anywhere. It’s so worth it!!

The random images above and below were taken in a Frankfurt ‘chapter’ of Vapiano – and this bloggers first encounter with Vapiano. Can;t wait to check out the Paris edition!

Click on the heading for a link to the website of Vapiano international – it comes as highly recommended!