Holiday Season Cinematic expeditions1: "Rapunzel", "Raiponce"/ "Tangled"

12 am in Paris, just returned from watching Disney’s 50th animated motion picture, an interpretation of Rapunzel Raiponce in French).

The movie’s also being marketed as “Tangled” in other markets.

Well, Walt Disney delivers a deliciously beautiful, family friendly treat for ‘kids from 1 to 92′ in keeping with its’ well-earned reputation for
offering tasteful escapism and adding light to the holiday season.

The movie however underscores that while Disney is becoming more mature, it’s comfortable with moving with the times – and is accordingly s presented in 3D format. Nonetheless, the#D aspect only serves to enhance the Walt Disney magic ingredients that anyone who has grown up on a steady diet of Disney movies will appreciate for their familiar look and feel: A fantastic soundtrack, a great interpretation of a cherished childhood fairytale mixed with a generous portion of tasteful humour.

Raiponce is a light hearted way to kick of the last stretch of an interesting year at the movies- the year of Inception, Wall Street, Eat Pray Love’ and so forth. It certainly is worth the time and other investments that go with going out to the movies in the snow when you can spend time with loved ones at home.

(The video above is one that I stumbled across on youtube of images taken from the movie played to a signature Disney movie ballad. Beautiful)