Franco-American Winter Prescription

The response was surprising and filled with disgust after she heard that we were at Starbucks – or in her words “the American place?!” A few French folk that I have come across speak with utter disdain at the idea of setting one’s feet in Starbucks, which has not managed to establish much of a presence outside of Paris. Be that as it may, this holiday season – as with others, the “Mocha Praline is on offer and is well worth at least tasting and taking at least once a week or so. it’s a light prescription to choose if you have to visit Starbucks while in Paris (Be warned, some people do not look very favourably upon people who visit the place :-))

I must say though that perhaps one of the best cups of hot chocolate to be had during the winter is available at “Hall 1900” (Bistrot Corse) – which is at 64 Rambuteau-75003. The “Chocolat Viennois” here is a beautiful, rich chocolate drink that’s difficult to describe accurately in words. This traditional French restaurant has a signature old school French bistro feel to it and is reasonably priced.

An advisable prescription for the winter is a powerful combination of Mocha Praline from Starbucks and a regular in take of Bistrot Corse’s hot chocolate.The latter comes as highly recommended! 🙂