Louis Vuitton and La Madeleine

It’s the season for setting up nativity scenes and window displays, some of which I posted here a few weeks ago. Today, I caught a glimpse of two nativity scenes – sacred and secular but both highly unique. Louis Vuitton on Champs Elysees, with windows adorned with Christmasy-goodies with highly interesting price tags – and the Madeleine, which ditched the traditional Mary and Joseph, baby Jesus and on looking animal nativity scene for a post modern nativity scene. The scene, somewhat captured here on video, is all about symbology and geometry – with the wood used to construct this postmodern minimalist scene representing Joseph and the veil being a symbol for christianity’s Dame, Mary. It’s a different, brave work of art given that people tend to be conservative when it comes to what elements should be part of a nativity scene. Depending on your taste, the scene at la Madeleine is either thought provoking – capturing the mysticism that characterises the Christmas story – or an overly brave post modernist venture. And as for Louis Vuitton, well, for the student seeing handbags that cost way more than your tuition and living costs of living in Paris is at the least, thought provoking.