File – Save As – Christmas 2010. File – New – Save As – Bienvenue 2011 :-)

Paris Christmas, Favourite Things from George on Vimeo.

New Year celebrations are quite a significant time of the festive season here in Paris where well wishes for a “Bonne Annee” are exchanged throughout the month of January, according to an old Parisian I know.

So, it’s time to quickly file and save the beautiful memories of Christmas in Paris, 2010 and get ready to enjoy New Year’s Eve…

Far from embodying the ‘true meaning of Christmas’ , the things that I enjoyed most about the past Christmas season had to do with the simpler, more superficial parts of being in Paris. Simple things such as hot chocolate at Hall 1900 Bistrot Cafe ,stained glass windows, “licking the windows” (leche vitrine) of Louis Vuitton, gifts from Sephora :-), walks down the Champs Elysees, Catholic Chapels lit with votive candles….and “snowflakes that stay(ed) on my nose and eye lashes….”