iPad + Apple Store,Opera Garnier = Customer Satisfaction

The Apple Store at Opera Garnier has to have some of the best service you will find anywhere in Paris. Well, in my limited experience. My views may not be representative of every customer that has ever sought the services of the Apple store here. Nonetheless, today I finally got round to purchasing an IPad – which is very well worth the investment I must add!

And, similar to a previous time that I had to go into the Apple store with a problem with my notebook – the staff went an extra 10 miles to be helpful, the service was impeccably fantastic and well, the product that you walk out with only compounds the joys of being loyal to Apple as I am 🙂

Not only did I walk out of the store with a very handy tablet for my studies – the experience of buying the iPad was second to none.

Yes, the store looks busy at first glance but the service personnel is forthcoming, helpful and courteous. As the year kicks off, it’s great to have a piece of Apple hardware, if only to enjoy the great service and experience at Apple’s store around the Opera Garnier.