"Fave" Classic books on Paris

One of the advantages of traveling is catching up on reading – and especially on subjects you love but don;t get round to do so while in the ‘rat race”. So, I took the time away to read old books on Paris and these were my favourite classic titles:

Thomas Okey – The Story of Paris: insightful book set in early 20th Century Paris.

Paris: with Pen and Pencil, David W Bartlett: amazing depiction of a very old (“when Louis Napoleon was president of the Republic” and when Napolen III was emperor of France), by a Londoner. Fantastic sketches of the city!

The Paris Sketch book by William Makepeace Thackeray – another fantastic collection of sketches and an interesting insight into 19th Century Europe and France. Loved this!

This one was not quite exactly and solely about Paris, per se but inextricably linked to the city: Matilda Betham-Edwards’ “East of Paris”

And the reading list for coming weeks will include:
“Paris as it was and as it is” by Francis W Blangdon
“A street in PAris and its inhabitant” by Honore de Balzac
“The Three Cities Trilogy: Paris” by Emile Zola