Month: February 2011

Restaurant Le Risale

Just returned from a great dinner, that went down very well thanks to fantastic company 🙂 – and a great venue. Turkish Restaurant, Le Risale. The lamb dishes are to die for, as is the rest of the menu. The ambience is as deliciously warm and welcoming as the menu – this is a restaurant to return to again and again. Click here for restaurant menu, directions and more about this great restaurant!

MusĂ©e de la Vie romantique

The Museum gives a glimpse into the 19th Century, in the workspace of Dutch born artist, Ary Scheffer. It also acts as a befitting tribute to the artistry of the time, and the introduction of stunning painting techniques during the Romantic period. Several pieces of memorabilia are also housed here – in the form of intricate, exquisitely made jewellery and all manner of trinkets and artifacts from the period. The house was also a meeting place for several historical figures of the time whose indelible influence on the aura and form of this house are unmistakable. Address: 16 rue Chaptal – 75009 Paris


Versailles from George on Vimeo. Opulent, magnificent, over-the-top, Versailles lives up to, and surpasses, all of its associated stereotypes. Definitely not a place to explore in one day – it makes for a great place to visit again and again. Here, the visit took place on a slightly moody day – temperature wise (and in other ways too) but one gets the sense that this is a fantastic place to visit during the spring too. In warmer times, fountains get turned on to music and the beautiful, sprawling gardens become more alive and open to days spent at this really magnificent tribute to a bygone French era … Versailles is a must see while around Paris.