An accidental favourite: Of "Kong" and "Sex and the City"

Trendy, sophisticated but warm, welcoming and cosy (well, apart from the slightly unfriendly menu price list), Kong is a beautiful place to wind down. Went out to this place with a dear friend, and loved it at first sight! 🙂 Click here

SUbsequently, it has emerged that Kong is actually quite famous. It features in the very last double episode of “Sex and The City” , the TV Series. More specifically, it is where Carrie meets her boyfriend’s ex! Well, if anything, that’s a good piece of trivia to retain . (see the clip below for a glimpse of Sex and the City scene featuring Kong!)

But, Sex and the City aside, Kong is a great venue in its own right. APart from it’s spectacular view of Pont Neuf bridge (also a favourite of this blogger), the welcoming atmosphere that is nonetheless distinctly chic and stylish makes this a great ‘find”!

Address: 1 Rue du Pont Neuf
75001 Paris, France
01 40 39 09 00
Subway: Châtelet