Winter Sundays in Paris

A short collection of images from Sunday afternoon and evening, and all that made it sweet:: A successfully prepared roast served with delicious sides of a paella-like dish and scrumptious roast potatoes ; Heavenly cupcakes and tea from Berko Cupcakes; Beautiful city views of Paris as day turns to night, from the rooftop of Centre Georges Pompidou: and a final goodbye to the weekend washed down with glasses of wine with good friends while overlooking the beautiful bridge of Pont Neuf viewed from the trendy eatery Kong (1 Rue du Pont Neuf). And for moments of solace and quiet, well, there are literally chapels and small churches all over the city.

Sunday afternoons in Paris during winter are definitely lovely opportunities to live more deliciously at home, and to explore the several beautiful spots that the city has to offer. J’adore Paris! :-)!