Month: March 2011

Basilique Saint-Denis

A visit of the “Basilique Saint-Denis’ was also squeezed in at some point over the past week: and these are some images of that visit. It’s quite a stunning space to visit – a museum of an age long past where religion and monarchy very much defined what it meant to be “French’. Today the basilica hosts the bodies of France’s former Kings and Queens, itself having been a sort of spiritual centre of the French nation. The neighbourhood around the basilica tells of a new France – perhaps the France of the future. Where Christianity, respect for monarchy and hierarchy were what lied at the heart of a bygone France – the largely immigrant population around the basilica foretells of a markedly different world to that which these dead kings and queens built a or envisaged. Depending on which side of the political spectrum you come from, the basilica is either a sad reminder of a romantic time long past, a reminder of how different France has become or simply a tribute to the …

St Etienne-du-Mont

Now, these images are a bit hazy, but for ‘record keeping’s’ sake – for the record – I’ll just post these images from St. Etienne du Mont, also visited earlier over the course of the past week. It’s famous for containing what are believed to be the relics of Saint Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris. St Genevieve also happens, by the way, to be one of my favourite figures in the Catholic-lore. She was apparently a young girl with immense faith, whose earnest acts of fasting and prayer supposedly saved Paris from an attack by the Huns. Subsequent historians have offered less mystical explanations – such as Atila’s preoccupation with other more pressing challenges. but whatever the case, she’s an interesting figure in the history of Paris. And one of my favourite saints! 🙂

Atelier Brancusi

The past week or so has been a flurry activity – but not too busy to squeeze in time to explore this vast, beautiful city. These are images from a studio of sculptor, Brancusi’s, work. Its all about straight, clean geometric lines – and he also clearly had aprofound love for kisses, the head, facial features and kisses. It’s a sweet place to visit. Brancusi holds the pride of place as one of modern sculpture’s pioneers.

Glimpses of Spring in Paris!

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning. Well, in retrospect, the weather’s been wonderful over the course of the entire week. Each day has clocked early spring temperatures, a dose of sunshine – and Parisians have steadilt made their ways to the banks of the Seine to catch a bit of sunshine – which this blogger did yesterday afternoon. Lovely!…

Paris Fashion Week – Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2011/12 week is back in the city, showcasing ready to wear collections for the Fall/Winter of 2011/12. Apart from the Galliano situation – there are several other reasons to celebrate this round of Paris Fashion week – chief among them Lady Gaga’s weird and wonderful presence! The countdown for Men’s 2011/12 fall/winter fashion collections (between the 22nd to 26th June) now begins!