Top Bistro’s in Paris

Just visited this excellent resource for the greatest places to eat in Paris, and noticed a list of the city’s top bistros… Great to know as summer approaches. Indeed, as the weather warms up, the city offers itself beautifully to curious minds and mouths to discover excellent eateries and cool places. This list seems…

Anon’s Paris on WordPress

The academic year is nearing an end – and a long and deserved summer break is in sight. Each morning  gets crispier, and the sun’s becoming more confident of its rays – and there’s every reason to be glad to be in the city of light! In celebration of the changing seasons – to welcome…

Satie – le Fantôme

Apart from Paris nd wider lie-de- France, Normandy is spcertaily fast becoming a second favourite pregion in France. this video comes from The birth home of famous Frwnch composer, Erik Satie. A self playing piano … How oh so ghostly 🙂

Foretaste of Summer on the Seine

It’s not quite summer yet, but glimpses of real sunshine, longer days are making the banks of the Seine increasingly attractive as spots to picnic, sun bathe and perform other summery activities.

Brooke Fraser live in Paris

Returned from a beautiful night out where the highlight was a Brooke Fraser concert at Nouveau Casino in the 11eme. The song here is perhaps my favourite from her new album “Flags”. Entitled “Sailboats”, it’s an intimate, haunting, eerie, gorgeous piece of art….Superb.

Spring, Spring , Spring! (images below from rue Mazarine)

Spring in Paris – and there are signs of beauty in natureand people. A word of caution to the married though – Paris does indeed mock of married people in the sense of Shakespeare’s poem “Spring’. There is an excess of gorgeous people to found on the streets of this equally stunning city. Woe to…