Month: May 2011

Regardez mon visage: Decoding the French Face

As much as there is the physical aspect of the city – places to see, things to do while here: interacting with Parisians calls for special skill and knowledge of how to read the signs produced by French folk. This article “interpreting the french face” seems to be spot on with regard to the key expressions one must know before hitting the streets of Paris: Click here

Sunday Morning Stroll in the 10eme

The weather couldn’t be more gorgeous than it was this Sunday morning – the smiling sun above coupled with the gentle caress of a balmy breeze kind of beautiful. Well, long surrealistic story short – this made for a morning walk around the “10eme’ the 10th arrondissement, quite possibly the sweetest, most beautiful Sunday morning stroll taken perhaps in history. I exaggerate not! Special note needs to be made of “eglise saint vincent de paul”, an imposing, fascinating Romanesque feat of architecture at 12 Rue Bassouet, 75010. Stunning and worth a visit!

Sunday night walk

The “Sunday Night Walk” is a worthy institution to preserve while in Paris: solitary cobbled streets, the muted buzz of renegade commercial establishments that break the commandment of keeping the Parisian Sabbath holy all make each foot bound, late Sunday night walk delicious and distinctly fabulous! These images were taken in the centre of Creteil – South East of Paris

Romantic Sunset, Jardin Luxembourg

So – summer’s entering into full swing and one of the main implications of this change seasons is that it is now infinitely more glorious than at any point in the year to find a spot to enjoy the sunset in one of the city’s parks. Jardin du Luxembourg offers a fabulously golden opportunity to soak in the beauty of the setting sun over the feat of geometrical landscaping that is this former monarchical garden. I took a few pics from a corner where I and the love of my life read books and watched the sun set before walking literally into the golden glow of Paris changing into her night time garb. In this garden, I felt, Paris certainly lives up to the hype of being the capital of Romance and all of that!:

‘le Rois de la Frite’ : royally delightful “french fries”

One of the main challenges of eating in Paris are the proportions – particuarly so if you come from other parts of the planet were food serves the purpose of granting sustenance and vigour to those who consume it: at 184, rue Saint-Jacque, 75005, Paris – there is a small oasis for starved students seeking sustenance and something filling. Belgian ‘frites’ perpared by a self-proclaimed monarchy that reigns over the production of fried potato chips – “De Clercq”. The place serves in generous Belgian proportions and at very reasonable prices – a must, must visit! It opens Mondays to Thursday from 1100 to 2200 and on Fridays and Saturdays opens at the same time but closes at midnight. Priding itself as the only “Friterie Traditionelle de la Capitale!” – “De Clerq, les Rois de la Frits is worth a visit!