‘le Rois de la Frite’ : royally delightful “french fries”

One of the main challenges of eating in Paris are the proportions – particuarly so if you come from other parts of the planet were food serves the purpose of granting sustenance and vigour to those who consume it:

at 184, rue Saint-Jacque, 75005, Paris – there is a small oasis for starved students seeking sustenance and something filling. Belgian ‘frites’ perpared by a self-proclaimed monarchy that reigns over the production of fried potato chips – “De Clercq”. The place serves in generous Belgian proportions and at very reasonable prices – a must, must visit!

It opens Mondays to Thursday from 1100 to 2200 and on Fridays and Saturdays opens at the same time but closes at midnight.

Priding itself as the only “Friterie Traditionelle de la Capitale!” – “De Clerq, les Rois de la Frits is worth a visit!