Chateau de Vincennes

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Well, my love for the Middle Ages was further expressed though a visit to the Chåteau de Vincennes, which has consistently played an important part in French history since its construction. Perhaps not so much in the country’s most recent history – but from the times of Saint Louis to I guess the mid 19th Century. Charles V, one of my more favourite monarchs also spent some time here: and it was a surreal moment visiting the very same room that he slept in, his library – and the small chapel where he prayed the Liturgy of the Hours (or rather where assigned priests would do so on his behalf).

Needless to say, the Chåteau also serves as a reminder of all that was wrong and reprehensible about the world of monarchs and such: the Chateau also holds the cells of political prisoners held for their ‘subversive’ views for their times. Diderot stand out as one of those who did their time here for his humanism which was seen as a terrible threat to Christendom at the time.

Anyhow – this is a place that is best to see than be told about! Completely enjoyed it.