Inside the Sorbonne

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The historical building of ‘la Sorbonne’ is quite an enriching place to visit – not only for the architecture but also because the building seems to reflect (in different ways) the history of Paris as a whole. It is not always open to the public, but it is worth a visit if one has the chance to do so! I thoroughly enjoyed paying attention to the murals that depicted a bygone era of Paris, a completely different time and one could also say, a different space, too. It is interesting to see – from the murals on the wall – how time and human ingenuity has transformed Paris significantly, while at the same time maintaining its basic character through the years. More mundane things are also interesting to note. My personal favourite is a painting depicting what appears to be a very intellectual, important discussion among a diverse group of religious scholars, aristocrats and intellectual sans cullottes. In it, -one young looking scribe tries to take note and keep a record of the conversation. And this seems to be happening on kilometres of papyrus. Seeing this, one cannot help but be grateful. Grateful that with technology the art of taking notes and documentation has become so much easier with time as well. So, apart from the architecture, the intricate attention to detail evident in the interior design, the historical wealth that beams from each inch of the Sorbonne – having a tour of the inside of this building is a valuable trip to the past that can only make one infinitely more grateful for the present!