The Reality of a Tuesday Night in Paris

As much as I dreamt that studying in Paris would mean a series of nights spent in classy Parisian cafes, thinking profound thoughts, soaking in the energy of France’s long line of great thinkers – on a Tuesday night like this, it becomes quite clear that the conditions could not be more different. The kettle…

Homelessness in Paris

The weather is probably slightly higher than it was this time last year,but the difference in degrees is lost upon the homeless men and women we encounter daily on the streets of Paris. The struggle for survival, I imagine, becomes more intense at this time of the year as the weather takes a nasty turn…

L’Automne by Living Cinema

Stumbled upon this on Vimeo – quite a beautiful collection of images of the city. A good fit for Sunday night viewing before the week’s madness begins.

Diary of a Trip to Tours #5: The River Loire

During the trip to Tours, I managed to experience a small but terrifying part of the Loire – France’s longest river. Words escape me in attempting to describe it: It is a wild, wide force of nature with a long and interesting history. It is a fascinating basin of currents aggressively flowing in different directions….

The Season’s Favourite Things

Four weeks to Christmas, and we are welcoming in the season with friends old and new! It was interesting taking a mental trip back to Christmas 2010 through photographs taken then – last year’s ‘Christmas in Paris’. One thing that stands out is the difference in weather – at least thus far. Yes, temperatures have…

This Morning in Montmartre

With the sun superimposed against a vast blanket of blue sky this morning – and armed with coats and scarves to cope with the cold – a group of friends and I spent the most part of Saturday morning in Montmartre. It is a well known haunt for tourists, and for this reason I’ve generally…

Cinema on the Radar for the Weekend

On the “Art et Essai” Circuit – some ‘left bank’ artsy film: And more ‘Right Bank’ friendly, mainstream cinema: Hugo Trailer from Will houstoun on Vimeo.

Time to Welcome in the Winter?

Walking home after a lecture noticed several abandoned chairs outside cafes, umbrellas over head, naked branches that were once clothed with golden, red and yellow leaves – i t appears as though winter is finally making a gentle entrance.

Christmas Market, Place d’Italie

During an early evening spell of aimless wandering with my partner, we bumped into the small Christmas Market at Place d’Italie. The stands are modest but the market is packed with authentic goods ranging from Palestinian tapestries, cutlery, leather and woodwork from no other place than Bethlehem itself, Sicilian sweets, Parma cheese and sausage, spiced…