Last night, went out to see Spielberg’s production of Tintin. Quite impressive – although I secretly wished that it had been released while I was still in Brussels. (There would have been a much stronger feeling of being in the right setting to watch it! )

Apart from that, the 3D version was well done – the animation is stunning, the plot – classic Tintin.

Well, ‘classic Tintin’ for someone who grew up watching English interpretations of the comic.

For my French colleagues, small things like the fact that “Milou” is called “Snowy” and DuPont and DuPont are renamed “Thompson and Thompson” point to a deeper problem – that the version of the comic and now, the movie are slightly inferior products to the original French.

Be that as it may, it definitely was a worthwhile way of spending the evening of yesterday’s public holiday. Especially given that the original plan (of going to the Fra Angelico exhibition did not materialise! The queue to the museum was discouragingly long, I think We’ll try the exhibition option on Saturday).

Anyhow…as my spouse put it – Tintin is worth watching for a second time. Perhaps a third,fourth, fifth time as well.