Autumn’s Onset

Summer is finally conceding to Autumn after a formidable fight! It is November and the weather still happens to be quite bearable. Nonetheless, while taking a jog this evening circa 1730 or so in what few weeks ago would have been an 8pm kind of darkness: it became quite clear that Autumn is upon us, once again.

In other circumstances and locations, this would be cause for considerable concern. However, these first few signs of Autumn are an important signal for what the onset of one of the most romantic times to be in or close to Paris. There are the gorgeous sunsets, the golden leaves and other small blessings that nature gives. But, over and above that are the delicately lit bridges, promenades, boulevards and small, quiet streets. The entire city transforms itself into a haven for lovers, inviting you to relish Paris as the City of Light.

Hungarian Poet Endre Aly I believe was a kindred spirit who clearly captured a glimpse of the enchanting beauty of Autumn in Paris sometime in the late 19th/early 20th Century. Although for him it seemed to be a bit too short lived, which may prove the case almost a 100 years later…

Autumn Passed Through Paris

Autumn sliped into Paris yesterday,
came silently down Boulevard St Michel,
In sultry heat, past boughs sullen and still,
and met me on its way.

As I walked on to where the Seine flows by,
little twig songs burned softly in my heart,
smoky, odd, sombre, purple songs. I thought
they sighed that I shall die.

Autumn drew abreast and whispered to me,
Boulevard St Michel that moment shivered.
Rustling, the dusty, playful leaves quivered,
whirled forth along the way.

One moment: summer took no heed: whereon,
laughing, autumn sped away from Paris.
That it was here, I alone bear witness,
under the trees that moan.