Love straight through the stomach to the heart

One of the things that has made Paris such a beautiful experience is the joy of having found someone to share it with – but it sure takes quite a lot of work.

Yes, Paris is infinitely romantic, beautiful and deserves the ‘city of love’ tag. However, the setting alone is not quite enough to create the kind of magic and fireworks that we all expect from the experience of being in this, the city of love.

Being in Paris does not automatically mean that relationship drama ceases to exist. If anything, it forms a perfect backdrop for passionate arguments and equally stunning apologies. (When one looks carefully at the couples kissing all over the city it is clear that 50% of them have recently engaged in arguments that call for passionate make-up french kissing).

Anyhow, I digress. One thing that remains true here is that for Paris to truly be the city of love, one has to work at it. The advice of old wives still applies. And particularly so the advice that the stomach is a very effective route to the heart.

With that in mind, I am glad to have stumbled across (click here)

It’s a perfect companion both for food lovers who love to play in the kitchen and more importantly, for those who understand the power of a good dish, in keeping love alive.

To make Paris a truly romantic city, in my view, starts with a good meal and wine.