A French and Folksy Find: Bertrand Belin

Bertand Belin’s sound is among the more beautiful discoveries that I’ve made recently.

Perhaps there are parts of me that will always gravitate toward his brand of folksy sounding music that fits better with a countryside context than it does with Paris. I’ve been known to love Joni Mitchell, and to love rustic, Celtic pieces. There is something about the simplicity and humility of the music, the purity and naivete of it that makes it attractive and seductive. It almost always suggests that life is simple, relax, take all things in your stride. So, of late I’ve kept Bertrand Belin, as country and folksy as he sounds – on repeat on my iPod.

Bertrand Belin’s music, to my view is a beautiful soundtrack to life as the weather invites us to stay indoors a bit more – and for metro commutes, or in a softly lit lounge at the end of the day. I’m quite glad to have recently discovered his skilful gift to those who take time to give his work a chance.