L’institut du Monde Arabe – an Expo worth two visits

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Stumbled across an amazing expo at l’Institut de Monde Arabe on the 17th Century travels of Evliya Çelebi. Very enlightening, I am going for a second time tomorrow with my partner who will be blown away by the cartography and interesting descriptions of European, Middle Eastern and North African cities – and Ethiopia, too. Can’t wait to return, this time with an excuse to go through the ‘expo’ a second time!


  1. Lou (Linda) says:

    Hello there! You “liked” one of posts, so I came by to see your blog. Rather jealous you’re spending two years in Paris. My six days was simply not long enough! I am dying to know how you did this little slide show you have here!

  2. anonsparis says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the comment – I have no words in response to the jealousy (haha) otherwise I’ll just be irritating if I did say something smug or ‘consoling’. As for the slideshow,though, after inserting pictures into the blog post, there is an option to ‘insert slideshow’, it is easy to miss it but it is a bit further down from the ‘insert gallery’ option. WordPress then automatically develops a slideshow of the pictures you’ve inserted. There are also options to adjust the order in which the inserted pictures appear in the slideshow. I’m really terrible at giving instructions/directions etc… but I hope that these ones are helpful – if you do try to insert a slideshow on your blog (one which I must say is interesting. I liked the dehydration post. Incredible. Quite similar to the pizza as vegetable discussion among US lawmakers. Well, maybe not on that level of ridiculous-ness, but nearly there!)

  3. Lou (Linda) says:

    I would have been okay with your saying “I KNOW! I am lucky, too bad for you you only had six days!” 🙂 Thanks for the instructions on how to do the slideshow.

    Aren’t politicians just a pip? I mean, seriously, with all the problems we have out there, these are the things they manage to find the time to do! Fiddling while Rome burns….

    Can hardly wait to see what nonsense all of them come up with next!

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