J’adore Cour Saint Emilion

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Perhaps it was just that it was during the week, so there was more space to walk about and slowly pick out a restaurant to eat in – but whatever the case, I am hooked!

Cour Saint Emilion has the feeling of being a part of Paris that the city keeps as a secret so that natives can have a place to eat and entertain their guests in restaurants that are ‘tourist-free’. Not that I should say anything seeing as I am one of those tourists with an extended period to take in the sights, sounds – and TASTES – of the city.

It is on line 14, and apparently used to be part of a village on the outskirts of Paris, but has now clearly been absorbed into the bigger sister city. One can still see the old tram lines of the village that once was – the remaining architecture that has been elegantly converted into shops and a series of restaurants, cafes and brasseries. I loved the feeling/ ambience of this beautiful arcade – on a Wednesday night I must reiterate. I’m not sure about what it would be like on Saturday night, I hear it is quite full then.

After a gorgeous evening, Cour Saint Emilion is definitely going to be the place to take visitors, friends and family when they find their way here.


  1. ParisByDark says:

    Coucou! Thanks for “liking” my blog – happy to discover yours. Great photos! Almost makes me wanna live in Paris. Oh wait…

  2. anonsparis says:

    🙂 Thanks for the compliment about the photos! Happy to have come across your blog too – love your story of deciding to move to this city of crowded cafes – got to love them!

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