Frenchy Music for a Friday Morning

I could not find a music video for one my favourite pieces of music for a Friday morning. But, I came across this youtube video with not so much to look at although it has the required music. A little shot in the arm to be strong enough to confront the métro.

It is a song called ‘Fibre de Verre’by “Paris Combo” that I fell in love with a few years ago while dreaming about living in Paris and building up inspiration to move here for a while.

A jazzy piece, perhaps with a tinge of bossa nova – it’s perfect background to ease into the weekend – which in France lasts de facto until Tuesday. While some people do go to work on Monday, it is often just for show (this is a theory I’ve read a few times).So, with this song it what can one say but ‘Hello, long weekend’!