The Season’s Favourite Things

Four weeks to Christmas, and we are welcoming in the season with friends old and new!

It was interesting taking a mental trip back to Christmas 2010 through photographs taken then – last year’s ‘Christmas in Paris’.

One thing that stands out is the difference in weather – at least thus far. Yes, temperatures have dropped and today is particularly grey and moody – but it seems to be warmer and drier compared to last year. This could all change, of course.

While walking down Champs Elysées, it was clear that there is a little less ‘bling’ in contrast to last year.This could be thanks to energy efficiency or perhaps befitting of a France in the midst of weathering the Eurozone crisis.

And, oh, there is a new Marks and Spencer’s that I noticed in the distance on Champs Elysées as well.

As the season kicks in, I think this year will be a lot more sober than the last. The heady excitement of “Christmas in Paris’ has cooled down, and I am a bit embarrassed by being fascinated by ‘all the bright lights’ last year – so, this year will be celebrated in a more understated way.

These were a few, sparkly things that made last year’s Christmas merry – the parish at Saint George’s Anglican church on Rue Auguste Vacquerie, healthy doses of wine, delicious meals made and shared in love, and a well-lit Paris living up to its name as the City of Lights: