The Reality of a Tuesday Night in Paris

As much as I dreamt that studying in Paris would mean a series of nights spent in classy Parisian cafes, thinking profound thoughts, soaking in the energy of France’s long line of great thinkers – on a Tuesday night like this, it becomes quite clear that the conditions could not be more different.

The kettle is on, another pot of tea is coming up. The supply of biscuits is running low. The mood in the apartment could do with some music to keep the creative juices flowing – Nothing does the trick quite like the voice of Yves Montand and the reminder to keep the rose tinted glass on tightly! There is a PhD to be had in the long term and in the interim, yet another draft to resubmit. It’s going to be a long night.


  1. Cel says:

    i feel you, I am struggling to keep the focus on this GRE book, I have to take it in about 2 weeks for my phd applications… We all could use a little push every now and then. Good luck with your draft.

  2. anonsparis says:

    thank you!! And, all the very best for the GRE, go for it!!

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