‘t was a green, sustainable Christmas at La Madeleine

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One of the highlights of the past Christmas was the nativity scene at La Madeleine, put together from recycled goods – ranging from buttons to shower heads. It was both interesting to see and peculiar.

One would also guess that there was also a much deeper message and meaning to the methodology of the artist – which I am not entirely sure about. However, for me, what I took away from the presentation was the comforting message that one need not always look to the new but be conscious of what is available in the present and in front of our eyes.

I’ve also developed an acute distaste for consumerism, so the idea of a work of art from recycled material always makes a powerful statement to me: that the modern quest for more is not the only option that we have at our disposal. We do not need to consume more and bigger, there is no harm in re-using what we already have.

In an era of aggressive marketing, headless capitalism and mindless consumerism, I found this un-orthodox nativity scene one of the highlights of the season!