Idan Raichel Project in Paris – this weekend!

I have loved the music of this ensemble for a while. Even more so, I have loved the group’s underlying concept of Being a culturally diverse group from a part of the world where divisions based on religion, cultural heritage, history, political persuasion run deeply. It is an ‘Israeli’ group to the extent that it comes from Israel but it debunks all of the negative stereotypes and caricatures of the state of Israel ,the controversial political entity (to state the case mildly).

The Idan Raichel project’s music is elevating to mind, body and spirit – no need to understand what they are saying. If you have a basic vocabulary of semitic languages it may be possible to decipher parts of the music – but the power of the Idan Raichel project lies not only in their poignant lyrics and message but in the spirit that underlies their music. For that, no inguistic skill is needed. This is set to be a worthwhile concert to attend, if only to catch a glimpse of a vision of a peaceful future from a troubled region of our world.

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