Saint Germain and Pont des Arts in the Morning

It is a rare view of the city to see early morning packages get delivered, feet shuffle slowly from and to our different versions of life in Paris and as an unwritten code of civility forces people to respectfully board on and off the métro with little hassle caused or experienced. This is the strange scenario that revealed itself yesterday morning as I set out for an early start on St Germain Boulevard.

There is something sacredly intimate about catching Paris as she wakes up. She neatly and beautifully rises to prepare herself for the neuroses of impatient commuters and confused tourists that aParis a fantastic place to live, work and play.

The sense of a solitude shared with a few souls is particularly sweet when one walks onto Pont des Arts to find an almost unobstructed view of the bridge’s entirety, for example. Of the many precious moments one can enjoy of seeing the city, very few of them beat getting to see her as she begins to wake up.

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  1. rimboval says:

    I’m finding your blog site a real treat – it’s strange that I haven’t come across it before. Thank you for these beautiful vignettes. I have written pieces about the city ( but you have the benefit of living there… How I envy you!

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