Paris during one of those weeks

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So, the past week was one of those very ‘special’ ones where all the deadlines converge, urgent emails that cry out for response constantly find their way into your inbox and sleep is merely a closing of the eyes. It was one of those weeks were your mind remains active and the lines between waking life and the world of dreams become blurred. It becomes something of a temporary state of psychological disorientation but there is something slightly poetic and beautiful about it when this scenario plays itself in Paris. Here, there is always the chance to decompress and relieve the stress by evacuating all the pent up frustrations by taking a healing walk amidst the maddness. And, I must add that this week’s weather was especially healing. It was a hesitant shift from a short lived cold spell to gentle episodes of healing rain that semed to whisper that spring is on its way as delicate drops kissed the earth. Apart from the healing rain and opportunity to walk and decompree – for many Parisians, the métro is clearly an arena to relieve stress – rushing up and down stairs to jump into metro before having one’s trench coat caught in the doors as they close, pushing and shoving stangers with unwarranted vigour, mumbling French curses and striking hate filled looks in the direction of people who have not done anything wrong. Yes, during busy weeks like this past one, Paris offers a therapeutic space to let it all out and go — streets that beckon, inviting bookshops, quiet churches, hidden corners and the metro that all hug you into an embrace that says ‘calm down, it is just one of those weeks, this to shall pass’. That is one of the reasons this city holds its own as a fanatstic place to live, work and be stressed out at times.