St. Séverin

Not too far from Notre Dame de Paris and on the margins of the ‘Quartier Latin’, Saint Séverin traces its name to the fifth century and its current form to the 11th. Apart from being an impressive work of Gothic architecture, it boasts a unique, quiet space that is impressive for several reasons. There are the stained glass windows that narrate notable episodes in the Latin quarter’s history and of biblical accounts depicted with interesting nuance. Then there is a very quiet chapel with Goya-like interpretations of The Passion, abstract modernist stained glasses and an intricate web of arches that give the impression of tasteful extravagance. In the case of the latter, the church is an apt depiction of its surroundings. Beautiful, intricate, extravagant yet tasteful and inviting.

I had walked past it many times but decided to go in earlier this week and was very impressed by the experience. Here are a few mobile phone images from the vist to St. Séverin at 3, rue des Prêtres Saint-Séverin, 75005 —-