Weekend Gratitude List

The weekend lived up to, and exceeded, expectations that it would be a good one. I’m profoundly grateful to have Paris as a setting for great friendships, to be with the love of my life and to receive an interesting, utterly enjoyable education.

If I did not fully believe there was a God before, I certainly do so now!

The following five make up my bedtime prayer of a 5-year old ‘Thank you God for…’ list:

1. Sunshine and a walk down Boulevard Jourdan

The street is named after one of Napoleon’s Marshal’s of France, Jean-Baptiste Jourdan. Under Napoleon, his fortunes waned toward the end but he eventually emerged in the 1830 revolutions as a voice against the royalist ‘reactionaries’.

2. Getting to jog again

The weather is warming up, and it is possible to jog again on a frequent basis. The days are longer, the opening hours for my little local park are slightly longer, evidence of spring blossoms are beginning to show. it is a beautiful time of the year!

3. Paella, Wine, Dinner into the early hours of the morning

Had a friend from Madrid this weekend and was treated to a delicious Paella, more wine than is necessary and an overdose of laughter into the early hours of the morning. Walking onto quiet Parisian streets after midnight is a very enchanting experience. One should always make it a point to get to see the city under the cover of a starry midnight sky.

4. Sunday afternoon movie watching with the love of my life

It is always a priceless experience to settle down to a movie and a chance to let the ‘Dejeuber Domincal’ – sunday lunch – settle down.

5. Sunday night Jazz and Chanel

Thankful for a quiet evening in, Billie Holiday, and the gentle whisp of Chanel from the scarf next to my work station as I prepare for the week ahead. Life’s good.