The influence of Paris on Music – Expo

The city of Paris has been a faithful muse to several musicians. Indeed, things that do not usuqlly inspire song have helped shape music in the case of Paris – its urban planning, architecture, the indentities that are attached to buildings, the character of neighbourhoods and different episodes in the city’s history.

In acknowledgement of the influence that the geography of Paris has has on music, two of the city’s libraries are currently hosting an exhibition that traces this dialogue between geography and art. Details of the expo are given at the end.

The role of music in the creation of the image of Paris sits alongside a plethora of other artistic representations that have carved the image of the city. The political implications are probably huge. A positive country image is priceless currency to gaining power and influence in international politics. And as such, the image of Paris carved through the arts plays much more than an entertainment role.

Even newly wealthy cities, such as those in the Persian gulf, realise that having lots of money is not enough. One needs some ‘cultural capital’ as well. Inspired by cities like Paris, newer urban regions are increasingly building their own opera houses and trying to mimick the model of older cities such as this one.

The expo on Parisian influence on music should be a fascinating one, given the immense role that urban planning has had in influencing art in Paris and in shaping the image of France in the world.

The website of the exhibition also offers an interesting interactive work of musical cartography here

Tuesday to Sunday 13H to 19H (NOCTURNE Thursday until 21H)

Entrée : 6 €, tarif réduit : 4 €, demi tarif : 3 € (Free for under 14s)