Election 2012: Prends le Pouvoir Sur Moi, Jean-Luc

Just over a week from now, the first round of the Presidential elections is going to take place. Across the city, campaign posters impose themselves. News headlines, the chatter of people in the métro all seem to reflect that ’tis the season for political decision making. I am going to be following this all quite closely. Even though I will be in Morocco for part of the coming week (I will post a little bit on this trip, all things being equal).

To kick off the election watch, I thought to post a video that echoes slightly back to Obama girl in the US.

In the Parisian version, we get to enjoy ‘Victoire Passage’ as she sings about one of the many leftist candidates, Jean -Luc Melenchon. (Well as an aside – the very existence of this candidate points to a very fragmented left. i have even heard some people suggest that Melenchon is actually serving the right side of the political spectrum by consciously stealing votes. I am not convinced about this conspiracy theory. But it certainly would not be surprising if the right were to win the first round, only to lose in the second. Anyhow, that’s another posting altogether).

In this clip, the Jean-Luc Melenchon girl takes her beloved candidates’ motto ‘Prenez le Pouvouir’ (Seize, take hold of power) , which one would remember as words from 1789 about taking the Bastille – and asks for Jean-Luc to bring his power to bear over her (Prends le pouvoir sur moir Jean Luc melencon). Quite a funny clip I must say.

Here it is:

Prends le pouvoir sur moi Jean-Luc Melenchon from Victoire Passage on Vimeo.