Paris in the month of May

One of the themes that recur in music about Paris is its versatility and adept capacity to transform itself in response to changing weather patterns. The beauty of Paris in each of the four seasons is communicated in some of the most compelling voices of times past – be it Ella Fitzgerald’s singing ‘I love Paris’ or Frank Sinatra interpreting the Broadway song ‘April in Paris’. The city’s ability to adapt to changing seasons and still present herself as attractive has inspired music, paintings, poetry – she is an eternal muse.

‘J’aime Paris au moi du Mai’ (I love Paris in the month of May) sung here by Charles Aznavour follows the litany of composers that have fallen in love with the city in one of her seasons. And while I must say that unlike this beautiful musical depiction of Paris in May, May 2012 has been a bit of a fickle one, weather wise: The four seasons have all manifested themselves throughout the month and it has not been impossible to experience them all in the course of a day. Yet, with the sun shining today and days growing longer and evenings more sublime there is plenty to be grateful for as far as being in Paris in the month of May is concerned. Charles Aznavour, as always, provides a perfect soundtrack for days like these. J’aime ça!