Fête du Cinéma 2012, Festival Paris Cinéma

I cannot claim to be a film fundi but I do appreciate the chance to explore cinema from different parts of the world and am especially delighted that there will be plenty of opportunity to do so over the next fortnight or so. It is time for the Fête du cinema and Festival Paris Cinema…

Fête du Cinema , 24-27 June, 2012 (+ a few days extra, check website link)

The Fête du Cinema has run its first two days and there is still a bit of time to catch a little bit of what remains:
Click here for more details on the rest of the fête programme.

Festival Paris Cinéma 2012, 29 June -10 July 2012

Not to be mistaken with the above, is the similarly named, but newer, yearly event, the Festival Paris Cinéma. The former will be making its 28th lap, while this Festival is 18 years younger. Also, whereas the ‘fête du cinema”s main selling point seems to be that of providing a window of access to affordable new and other cinema, the Festival seems to have a broader set of objectives. The formula for the Festival is familiar and similar to other like-named events elsewhere – the celebration of independent film, international competition, talks on cinematography, a master class and so forth. Hong Kong’s film industry receives particular attention this year as a ‘country of honour’.

More details here