Moroccan Pastilla in Paris : Recipe (and Restaurant?)

It has been almost a month since I returned from a short break to Morocco but I dearly miss the food.I would return to Morocco simply to eat. And, in particular, to eat Bastiya/ Pastilla, the dish that I gorged upon in obscene quantities.

Until my next trip to Morocco, I will have to bring Morocco to Paris and look for it here. One step that I’m taking is trading next Sunday’s Roast for Pastilla.

I’ll trust this most delightful and educational video to be a guide to prepare next Sunday’s Moroccan style lunch:

A dear friend who empathises deeply with the acute culinary fixation that I developed for Moroccan food also recommended the restaurant of the Grand mosque of Paris. Hopefully a trip to the Grand Mosque at 39 Rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire – 75005 Paris will prove to be as delightful as I already imagine it will be…Cannot wait!!