Bibliothèque St.Geneviève

Grateful Graduate Project: Reason to be Grateful 3 of 365



This centrally located hub of studious minds, the St Genevieve library, is a great spot to study, become lost in centuries of knowledge, or simply find intellectual breathing space. It is also conveniently close to some of the main institutions of higher learning in Paris.

I am grateful, yes for the knowledge and adventures to be had in exploring human thought, but the gigantic doors to the library are beautiful to see, independent of anything else.

Thanks are due for the library, its atmosphere, and the doors that lead into this beautiful space!

The library’s website (click here) provides a catalogue of its excellent resources .

While the site is in French, the library holds several works in English, and other languages.

Grateful Graduate Project 365′ is a daily personal pledge to collect reasons to be grateful for the graduate student experience offered by Paris and London over the course of 2013.