Notre Dame After Dark

Grateful Graduate Project: Reason to be grateful 4 of 365

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Walked into Notre Dame last night into a vast sacred space with little lighting apart from the flicker of candles, the gentle glimmer of small lamps and the rays of a projector displaying images of sacred art.

The number of visitors was significantly lower than usual. The cathedral invited all who entered her gentle embrace to pause and enjoy this rare atmosphere of tranquility at the heart of the city.

It is characteristic of Paris to offer such surprising moments of art and poetry.

For last night’s unexpected encounter with the Cathedral without her bright lights and hordes of admirers; For the very capacity of Paris to surprise; For sacred and profane spaces in which to be still and catch one’s breath that are right in the heart of Paris — I am so grateful to be in this most fabulous of cities.

(Find link to Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris by clicking here)

Grateful Graduate 365 is a personal pledge to collect 365 reasons to be grateful for the graduate experience that Paris and London offer over the course of 2013.