Grateful Graduate Project: Reason to be Grateful 5 of 365


Thanks to the emailing list that one can subscribe to on the website of the Opéra National de Paris (click here), it is possible to purchase opera tickets at student friendly prices. The seats may not necessarily be the very best and one has to reserve seats well in advance. But, as a student,there is a particularly strong imperative to take whatever comes your way! As a matter of fact, affordable tickets go on sale on the 8th of January for subscribers to the free emailing list (link to website provided above).

I am grateful for access to some of the world’s most talented performers in the operatic world, for the sense of being being well that comes from a night at the opera, for the therapeutic combination of voice, music, and visual display. For moments of pleasure and dignifying art that counteract the more bitter aspects of student life. The glow that one wears as you leave an excellent performance that asserts that that the impossible is surmountable through the power of imagination.

Handel’s ‘Giulio Cesare’ will be staged between 23rd may and 18 June of 2013 and this simply gives much more reason to be grateful for the privilege of access to Opera in Paris. A ‘trailer’ of Cesare is available at

Opéra Vidéo.

‘Grateful Graduate 365’ is a personal pledge to collect 365 reasons to be grateful for the graduate student experience that Paris and London offer during the course of 2013.