Grateful Graduate Project: Reason to Be Grateful 6 of 365


The playfulness and childlike pleasure that surrounds Epiphany in Paris is a welcome respite from the menacing grown up concerns that begin to loom large as work/study life resumes.

One does not need to ascribe to the religious precepts that underly feasting around Epiphany, but there is a certain playfulness that is built into retrieving figurines from the Galette, in the wearing of crowns that has a certain universal resonance to it —

It is as if, just before the year’s work begins to take on the arrogant airs of a whimsical tyrant, a gentle reminder to be playful, childlike sounds through Epiphany traditions around the Galette.

I am grateful for this call to playfulness of Epiphany in Paris, and the respect given to its traditions and superstitions.

Grateful Graduate is a personal pledge to collect 365 reasons to be grateful for the graduate experience offered by Paris and London over the course of 2013