Franco-Spanish on a Thursday night

Grateful Graduate Project: Reason to be Grateful 10 of 365

The nature of Paris as a global city is aptly reflected in the culinary diversity offered throughout the city, at an equally diverse range of prices.

Paris has not yet been completely taken over by the globalisation of tastes – that is, taste has not yet been completely Americanised if one is to be blunt. 5 I add here Americanisation is not necessarily a bad thing!) Yes, one finds McDonalds, Starbucks and other icons of globalised taste – yet, there is a strong sense of Paris offering strong alternatives to globalised taste. This is one reason to love being in Paris, the persistence of alternatives to the globalised standard of taste.

Perhaps the more important value of this alternative diversity of taste is that by being exposed to alternatives, it is a stimulating place to learn to think critically, to question the norm and appreciate alternative ways of living in the world.

I am especially grateful today for Cafe Huitème that serves great Spanish and French food  – and serves deliciously warm portions of homely comfort for a mild winter’s night out. I felt reminded of just what a fabulous city Paris is, thanks to the many establishments in this city that reflect the strength of personality of this great city’s inhabitants and the persistence of authentic tastes that defy the global norm. Sure, this is under threat in some ways – but Paris holds her own as a unique feat in cultural perseverance.

Café Huitième

Grateful Graduate is a personal pledge to collect 365 reasons to be grateful for the graduate experience offered by Paris and London over the course of 2013.