Village Paris and the last nights of summer

Grateful graduate project: Reasons to be grateful 228-232

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Paris’s current design emerged partly from the assimilation of a series of villages. This relegates a lot of daily living, socializing to the level of neighborhoods that have very distinct and accessible characteristics.

Bercy was one of those villages formerly outside of Paris that have since become a part of the city.

After spending one of the last nights of summer at Bercy village, I have a new appreciation for this neighbourhood focused urban plan that translates into a convivial, romantic experience for those who take advantage of Parisian urban space.

I have a heightened gratitude for:
1. Bercy village and its confluence of the past and present in its architecture and ‘feel’
2. The broad range of services offered within a relatively small space
3. The proximity of Bercy Village to the Seine – and the opportunities for turning a walk from Bercy village to the metro into a romantic promenade
4. The patio and pavemenet restaurant culture of the space – and the convivial atmosphere it creates
5. The choice of food from various parts of the world, placed on offer in one, village like space.

This is part of a 2013 project to identify 365 reasons to be grateful for the experience of studying and living in Paris and London.