Green Park, London: Playfulness and Open Urban Space (emotive geography 10)

image from visit London.
image from visit London.

The temptation to become staid, dour, unimaginative… is an ever present one when pursuing graduate studies. There is a constant urge to to prove one’s ‘seriousness’ as a scholar by being tedious and tiresome – at least for this blogger.

Enter Green Park, at the beginning of the new academic year.

The sun is still friendly enough to make it a space to prolong summer, and find temporary escape.

There is also something about Green Park, at this time of the year, that elicits playfulness, a temporary abandonment of care. Carefreeness.

Green Park is a 242nd reason for this blogger to be grateful for London as a setting for grad study – because it is an accessible open space that evokes a sense of playfulness. There are fewer things more energizing than possessing a sense of play. It brings much needed balance to graduate student life. And, thankfully, the urban planning of London provides for open places within which to channel one’s ‘inner child’ and trade work for playfulness, if only for a short while.