Three happiness boosting places to eat/drink in Paris (emotive geographies 13)

This past week has come with interesting places to eat, drink, and be merry. Food and drink are probably two of the most reliable means of shifting emotions and our perceptions about the places in which we live and work, almost instantly. Alcohol in moderation, preferably consumed in wine form, seems to have a particularly immediate and efficacious effect upon one’s affective state 🙂

Three of the great places to enhance one’s experience of Paris through food and drink that this blogger has come across are:

1. Le Baron Rouge at 1 Rue Théophile Roussel in the 12th arrondissement which offers wine at reasonable prices. There is an option to also contribute to the salvation of the planet by bringing in your own bottle for wine on tap at prices as low as €3,50. With great company, this place makes for a great early evening out and a means of bringing instant balance to graduate student computer ridden existence.


2. A well loved place to grab vietnamese food – the restaurant Paris-Hanoi, 74 Rue du Charonne 75011 is ideal for taking out groups of friends and catching up with life outside of the academic bubble while consuming soul enriching food. Find a link to the restaurant’s website here

3. The most divine tasting crêpe to have ever been tasted in all of Paris (and I have had a few from different parts of the city) by this blogger was at Crêperie de Josselin, 67 Rue Montparnasse, 75014. There usually are long queues, so one has to be prepared to wait. And, bank cards are not accepted – so one needs to have cash in hand. The hassles of waiting in line and paying in cash are well worth it.


The existence of these three spaces, and the food and drink they have to offer are my 244th, 245th, and 246th reasons to be grateful to be in Paris. They are un-replicable spaces, offering inimitable and distinct tastes and experiences: Le Baron Rouge’s offering of French wine, Paris-Hanoi bringing Vietnamese taste into the heart of Paris and creating an interesting social setting, and the Crêperie de Josselin imports Breton taste and an intimate, cosy ambience into the heart of aloof Paris.

These spots are locations in the geography of the city that are easily associated with a positive transition in emotional state 🙂