Paris and London Desks

Grateful Graduate Project 2013:  Reasons 276-285 of 365 to be thankful




Much of life as a student in Paris and London is spent behind a computer, on the desk. The desks become unique spaces that say a lot about the differences between the two cities as places of study.

As I look at my desk in Paris and miss London, I think of the unique aspects of each desk that I am thankful for, inasmuch as these small things  create a sense of place. They also give ten more small things that I am grateful to have as part of the daily experience of study in these two great cities –

Paris desk

  1. A Vintage radio tuned to ‘radio classique’ 
  2. Candles from ‘Cire Trudon’ and a small lantern 
  3. Place mats fro the last meal – the table serves as the dining room table as well  – and a red coffee mug waiting for the next refill.
  4. Moleskine notebooks with notes written in pencils
  5. Several yellow wooden pencils sharpened, that add to the sense of place

 London desk

  1. An electronic desk lamp
  2. Books on the shelf directly overhead
  3. Very little clutter beside the computer – the kitchen and dining are separate
  4. Tempting distance to the big bed. Nap time is a key feature of the daily rhythm imposed by the desk’s proximity to the bed
  5. Earplugs to comply with the noise restrictions under the building’s regulations